Are you a new patient or at a distance and want to connect prior to your office visit? 

Or, you are not able to make it into the office but would still like a face to face encounter with one of our providers ? 

Our telemedicine video conference call option may be right for you. The video conference call is normally scheduled for a 30 minute session designed to help assess your current situation and help you better prepare for the next course of action in your treatment plan. The Telemedicine video conference is conducted via the 

"Zoom" software application.

How to get started with an Telemedicine Visit:

1)  Please call the office main number to request a telemedicine appointment.

2)  After your appointment is scheduled, please go to the "www.zoom.us" website to ensure that you can access the website. It is generally better to download the "ZOOM" APP to your device whenever possible. 

3)  On the day of your appointment  please log in 10 minutes prior to your appointment to establish connectivity. The  provider  will meet you in the "online waiting room" of the ZOOM APP. If no one joins the call within 5 minutes of your appointment please call the clinic to verify everything is ok.